✨ Outfits straight from Morocco ✨

✨ We design and create luxurious Authentic Ethnic Clothes for your events and parties✨

✨Handmade Moroccan models✨

✨ Outfits straight from Morocco ✨

✨Luxury and sustainable development✨

  • Hadar's review

    "We ordered a bride and groom set for our hina. The dress is stunning handmade and the set for the groom is perfect. Thank you very much for the quality of service!'

  • Roie's review

    "I received a Djellababa kaftan as a gift and I must say that I am very satisfied with the quality of the fabric. The packaging is perfect and the experience is excellent"

  • Laura's review

    "We organized a big Mimouna and rented through Djellababa all the authentic clothes for women, men and children. The service is perfect and the experience was simply stunning.'